Chief of the complex LLC "ELEKTROSTAL"

    Yuriy Anatilyevich Shklyar, Chief of the complex LLC “Elektrostal”.


    Yuriy Anatilyevich Shklyar has chosen a profession of a steel maker following in his grandfather’s footsteps, who is the former director of Kuznetsk steelworks. His grandfather was repressed and sentenced to 10 years of reeducation camp, after that he continued his working career at Donetsk rolling plant.


    The young steel maker, blast furnace man and steel smelter Y. A. Shklyar also came to Donetsk rolling plant after Polytechnic Institute. He started his career as a furnace helper in the Siemens-Martin plant. He devoted 19 years of his life to this plant: he worked as a foreman, shiftman, deputy shop foreman. After that he continued his working career as a Head of production department, chief deputy of steelshop.


    He started his working career at Donetsk metal rolling plant as a Head of production department. Output of rolled product raised from 5 000 tones to 16 000 tones per month during this period.


    There was done a reconstruction of the tableware workshop into the workshop of hardware items with deep reprofiling; there were bought three straightening machines for finishing of hot-rolled mill products for rolling mill shop; a great attention was paid to the production and quality input  of products in pipe casting workshop.


    Y. A. Shklyar was transferred from a position of a Deputy Director for production to the city of Kurakhovo in 2005 for building of metallurgical complex. The complex was built in a very short time – during 1 year and 8 months. In the end of 2008 the steel smelting complex was launched for production of 287 000 of cast bar per year. By the end of 2012 production of the complex reached 477 000 continuous casting steel billet per year.


    Chief engineer of LLC "ELEKTROSTAL"